I have a friend who is making a killing as an SEO reseller

I have a friend who is making a killing as an SEO reseller; since he has become an SEO reseller, he has moved into a whole other tax bracket, it seems like.  The life of an SEO reseller must be a good one, let me tell you that, because he is eating the best food, dating the most beautiful women, driving the best car, living in the best part of town, and visiting the most exclusive clubs since he became an SEO reseller.  He says that SEO stands for search engine optimization, which, I am told, is the practice of improving the standing within search engine results for a given web site, and, what with all the business being done online these days, no wonder someone can make a ton of money as an SEO reseller.  He says that if I learned to be an SEO reseller myself, I could be living the same life, but he has a long standing technical back ground and he has always been great with computers so I am not sure if I could ever catch up to him and live the same great SEO reseller life style that he himself has been enjoying in the recent past.  It sure does seem like a great life style, but on the other hand, he put in years and years of dedicated work to get the education and understand that he has gained from his years of experience, and I just do not know if I would ever be able to compete with that kind of talent and quality of service, but it is hard to say for sure, being that I have never actually tried to make it as a search engine optimization specialist, but what I lack in computer skills, I make up for in speculative skills, so I will continue to imagine situations and play them out in my head to the best of my abilities.

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