I have some friends that are successful SEO resellers.

I have some friends that are successful SEO resellers, and let me tell you, I sure do envy their life styles!  It is like SEO resellers are the new James Bonds, it seems like, with the way they jet around town in their nice cars with their fancy slicked back hair; they have had such success recently as SEO resellers that it is like they have become whole new people, suddenly driving the best cars, eating at the nicest restaurants, visiting the best clubs, hobnobbing with the social elite of the area, and everything else that (apparently) comes with the life of SEO resellers.  I am jealous of my friends that are SEO resellers, because, not only are they doing well financially, they all seem to really love their jobs, and they seem to look at me almost like I am one of the “poor suckers” for not being among the ranks of SEO resellers, but I do just fine on my own.  If I ever did want to join the ranks of SEO resellers, I would do a few quick internet searches to find out more about what it is that my friends are actually doing for money, take some online classes, and before they knew it, I would be running right along side them in the world of search engine optimization, making the big bucks, driving the nice car, eating the nice food, seeing the nice shows, but until then, I am certainly satisfied with my life the way it has been going; I am not one of those people who has big expensive tastes, and I have always been able to keep myself satisfied with the simple things in life like good friends, good weather, and a good beer on a good hot day; now that is the good life for me, let me tell you, and I would not trade the life I have lived so far for anything at all!

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