My take on being an SEO reseller

When choosing an SEO reseller, it is typically a good idea to compare what each company is offering you for the money. Most basic SEO reseller packages typically include services such as helping you choose effective keywords, writing content for your site or blog that is rich in said keywords, and submitting your site to various search engines. Good SEO reseller packages offered by a white label, or private label, company are also typically very transparent in what exactly it is that they offer you, as well as exactly how and when they intend to implement each aspect of your package.

If the SEO reseller packages you are looking at come from a company that is less than up front about what they plan to do and how they plan to do it, chances are good that you are dealing with a bad, or black hat SEO reseller, which are to be avoided at all costs. Black hat SEO reseller packages might include unethical and fraudulent means of gaming search engine rankings, such as loading your keywords and metatags with popular but irrelevant terms, spamming consumers, hiding keyword heavy text in the background of your site, and other bottom feeding tactics. It is important to note that while black hat SEO tactics might work for a few hours or days in increasing your site rankings, it will likely all be for naught when the search engine algorithms, which are designed to detect such fraudulent actions, catch on to the scheme and ban your site from their listings. While the Seo reseller packages from a black hat company might initially seem tempting, the damage to your online reputation, which will likely last for a very long time, is certainly not worth the relatively small, short term gains.

For best results when choosing between SEO reseller packages, always go with a white label SEO reseller company that has a proven track record of working hard to get you the results you need. These past results should be a point of pride with whichever SEO reseller you choose, and they should be glad to show them to you. A favorable rating with various consumer protection organizations online should also provide a good, neutral, third party stamp of approval on the veracity of the claims made by companies offering SEO reseller packages. Always keep your business above board, and you will likely see great returns on your ethical standards down the road!

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