What’s new in the SEO reseller space?

So what is exactly new in the SEO reseller market? The idea of reselling has been around forever. This is not a new concept. And it is certainly not one that the SEO people made up. You can find resellers in all different industries doing all sorts of things. I have been watching the “OEM” idea emerge in the search engine optimization space for a while. And it makes sense. Where ever there is a large amount of labor required to fulfill a task, there is the opportunity for outsourcing. And search engine optimization has become one such activity. With the word out about how much business you can get from Google, people now dump huge efforts into staying on top of the rankings. This can be a serious drag on your time for internal resources, which is why many look to outsource SEO.

So there are a number of reseller programs that have been around for a number of years and they have not really changed all that much over time. But I am starting to see a new trend emerging with a couple of the newer players in the SEO reseller space (no names today – I want to do a full review at some point). Specifically, they are bringing technology to bare to help with client management, SEO effectiveness and report production. No – I don’t mean spammy SEO software like the kind you see for sale for $97 (or $147) all over the place. Those things just don’t work. No, I am talking about stronger, on-shore SEO reseller players who have enterprise IT backgrounds. Some of these guys are finally listening to the marketplace. The market is telling them that they have had enough of the black hat stuff and mystery SEO packages. They want something straight forward that is easy to understand. They want business-ready reports with a corporate finish. And they want data. Lots of data. These newer generation offerings do API integration with all the big players and put all the data where it should be: Out in the open for the customer to see. That is certainly a new thing in the SEO reseller world.

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