Earn Extra Income With Private Label SEO

Private label SEO, also known as white label SEO and SEO reselling, is the practice of reselling the search engine optimization services provided by a larger SEO firm. With the recent explosion in demand for search engine optimization services, many SEO firms have sprung up. Some have quickly failed, some have puttered along and managed to more or less break even, and a few have risen to the top of the heap and now control a large majority of the SEO market. This makes it difficult for a newcomer to the SEO arena to get any significant amount of work or make any significant amount of money, so many people looking to get into the SEO business resort to private label SEO.

Private label SEO works much like affiliate programs do for websites that sell other products and goods. With an affiliate program, the affiliate directs traffic and sales to the company that he is an affiliate for, and makes a portion of the profits earned from any sales he generates. With private label SEO, the concept is very similar; the SEO reseller makes a connection between customers and an SEO firm, and earns a portion of the profit made the the SEO firm. With private label SEO, the amount of money you make depends on which SEO firm you are working with; some firms allow you to mark up the price of their services any amount you desire, so you can earn any amount of profit that you are able to pass the cost of along to customers, while other SEO firms pay you a flat rate commission or percentage of each sale.

Private label SEO is most viable if you are already in an internet related business, such as web design, which gives you access to a long list of existing customers. If you already have a relationship with many different clients who operate websites, you have the perfect customer base to resell SEO services to, since you can be sure that most, if not all of them, are interested in increasing traffic and revenue earned through their website.

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