Private Label SEO’s and you

You what an SEO service can do for a business. You know what an SEO service has the potential to do for you if you have what it takes to start one up. But what if you don’t know if you have the skill or capital to pilot a start up SEO firm into the already crowded waters of search engine optimizations? If that sounds like you then you might already be looking into what’s know as SEO reselling. Basically SEO reselling is where you help clients in need of SEO services and SEO providers find each other and in turn make a small profit, something like a finder’s fee. While no business opportunity can ever truly be said to be risk free SEO reselling does allow you to own and operate as business while someone else takes care of most of the heavy lifting. But, what if you want to provide SEO reselling services without broadcasting that you are outsourcing the actual work to a different SEO firm? In that case you need a private label SEO  (go here for more).

A private label SEO functions exactly the same as any other SEO reseller service with one important difference; in a private label SEO situation you do not reveal that you are not performing the actual SEO services. You still contract with an existing SEO firm and you still deliver great results to your customers but you do it all as if your company were performing the actual SEO work. There are a number of different reasons that someone may opt for this kind of setup. A private label SEO can certainly look a little cleaner and attract a bit more business than a traditional SEO reseller for one. A private label SEO service can also help give you that pride of ownership, your name and business name are the only ones on the site.

So if SEO reselling sounds good to you but you’d rather not broadcast your affiliations to the world then take some time and look into a private label SEO.

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