When to outsource SEO

So there is great debate about the idea of outsourcing SEO or keeping it in-house. As you know, I think there is a strong business case – particularly if you are small or just starting out – to outsource SEO to an SEO reseller program. Here is a cool article I read today that made some strong points in favor of this argument. I think it’s worth a read… You will find that I agree with much of it – but not all.

In the end, the decision to outsource SEO is based on the needs of your business. There are many factors involved. But the biggest thing I think people underestimate is the competition and time and money needed for sales and marketing. This is why you don’t want to be stuck trying to build an SEO delivery organization when you are trying to launch a business. The SEO reseller program can handle that for you while you get your sales strategy in gear and off the ground… And this will likely take longer than you want it to.

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