White Label SEO and You

When it comes to finding a great professional to market your site and boost your search engine rankings online, there are a few things to bear in mind before conferring this kind of responsibility on anyone in particular. Specifically, you want an SEO reseller that is both ethical and effective, since the alternative can destroy your business and online reputation quickly and permanently. Before signing any contracts, there are a few key industry concepts and phrases you should familiarize yourself with first.

The type of ethical and effective professional you want to deal with is called either a private label or white label SEO reseller. A white label SEO professional should be able to market your site by using legal and above board tactics like submitting your site listing to search engines, using social media, copywriting for maximum effect, and optimizing relevant keywords. Well executed white label SEO marketing tactics can be a dream come true when it comes to driving hits, and any white label SEO professional worth their salt should be able to show you tangible proof of past results with other clients, as well. Never be afraid to ask a relevant question!

By contrast, you should avoid black hat or black label SEO resellers like the plague. As opposed to white label SEO tactics, black label methods include spamming, hiding text in the webpage background designs to fool indexing robots, and choosing popular but irrelevant keywords in order to drive hits. Notably, search engine algorithms worldwide almost always find and permanently ban sites and users that employ black hat SEO tactics within hours, so trying to game the system in this case is simply not worth it. Again, always and exclusively deal with a white label SEO reseller with a proven track record of results, and you should find the decision to hire such a professional to be one of the best you could have made for your company.

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