Watching the forums for cool reseller news

I am always watching the forums to see what SEO reseller news is being discussed. There is usually valuable feedback in these forums from marketers who are out there trying different things and reporting back to their buddies. This is a great way to get some SEO reseller feedback without actually having to join a program and shell out the big bucks. Here is a post I saw that you should check out in This is a forum I respect greatly as these guys really know their seo.

I came by another one in the WarriorForum that was noteworthy too. Many of the same company names are being discussed, which is not a great surprise as these companies are on page 1 for SEO RESELLER in Google. This means they are the leading companies when you want to compare reselling organizations. These guys were also discussing SEO reseller programs and sharing their experiences. Worth a read also.

Here is another place to check out. One final reference for you.

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