Profit As An SEO Reseller

If you are a business owner running a website design company, you might be feeling the strain that many other website designers are feeling and complaining about; recently, many more companies and individual website designers have entered the field. As more and more people are getting advanced degrees in computer technology, many more qualified professionals are fighting to get a share of the website design industry. So with so much new competition that is making it difficult to find new clients, how can you generate the revenue that you need to keep your company running? As long as you still have steady clients, there is more that you could be doing to generate money without having to secure new clients; becoming an SEO reseller could be the answer that you are looking for.

As a search engine optimization, or SEO, reseller, you would sell additional services to your clients. This means that you would continue to provide your website design services while adding search engine optimization to your list of services. But before you become an SEO reseller, you should know a little bit more about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method of increasing a website’s popularity and rankings with search engines. Search engine optimization companies specialize in increasing a website’s rankings, and as an SEO reseller, you can actually profit from their knowledge. As an SEO reseller, you sell the services of the search engine optimization company you work with to your clients. Once your clients purchase the search engine optimization services, your company outsources the work to the search engine optimization company that you are partnered with.

So how do you make money as an SEO reseller? By charging your clients more for the outsourced search engine optimization services than you paid for them, you can turn a profit as an SEO reseller. In fact, you can even markup the price to your customers to cover your costs and then some.

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