The Necessary Rise of SEO Marketing

Search engine rankings

Google, the worldwide giant and creator of the much used PageRank algorithm, sent out its very first tweet on Feb. 26, 2009, but it was in binary code instead of regular text. The message translated to I’m feeling lucky, and boy has the company enjoyed some serious luck since then. Even before it was a company and when it still was a research project in its infancy, Google enjoyed some successes that most companies today cannot simply match. Its innovation speaks for itself, with its co founders using LEGO blocks to store all of the hard drives they were using to test out the now famous algorithm. Almost since then, the company’s rankings have become the gold standard of how people use the Internet, and of how companies use Internet marketing solutions for greater success.

In fact, Google’s PageRank partially led to the rise of the SEO marketing industry. SEO, or search engine optimization for the uninitiated, dramatically improves the chances that a company will be listed high on the PageRank system, which now is just referred to as a search engine ranking page or search engine results page. Through Seo marketing, companies that pay for it get to use a manipulative but perfectly legal way of positioning themselves at the top or near the very top of those page results, so that anyone searching for the products they sell or the services they deliver can find them organically.

Just like Google did years ago, SEO marketing is completely transforming how business is conducted over the Internet. Whereas a few years ago online ads were posted everywhere, bogging down websites and being ignored by the average online user, today SEO tools are used to naturally present the best answers to online users’ every question. SEO marketing helped reinvent the wheel, so to speak, using a different approach for putting businesses front and center in search results pages.

Seo marketing is being recognized far and wide for its successes, with more businesses each day joining the fold by paying for SEO marketing solutions either directly from providers or through resellers. Those that choose to work directly with SEO providers have their own advantages, while most clients today tend to rely on resellers to use SEO as part of a greater solution to market their services online. Through going the reseller route, businesses gain exposure in various areas, not the least of which is SEO.

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