Why you need search engine optimization

Internet marketing

Google rents goat from a grazing company to mow their company headquarters lawns. Although that may sound odd, you have to agree that that may work. And knowing Google, it probably works better than using lawn mowers. We just have to believe that it is probably better than mowing the lawn because when it comes to search engine the company really knows what it is doing when it comes to search engine rankings. This is the reason why compared with the other search engines, when it comes to market share for searches, Google takes the lead at 65 percent to 705 of the market.

For the companies it is important to be on the good side of Google. This means using the correct search engine optimization so that the site will have good Google rankings. This is because search engine optimization dictates whether the company will survive or fail. Take for example the fact that about 42 percent of users click on the sites that are on top of the organic results. Without the right search engine optimization services the company will be ignored by its potential market. Another example is how users search before they purchase. In this, it is estimated that as of 2012 Internet users 14 years old and up will research a product online and about 40 percent of them will use social media to get more information about the product before buying them.

So, first companies need search engine optimization to gain good Google rankings and search engine rankings. Second, companies need search engine optimization to have online marketing. Online marketing, such as the use of blogs and social media are part of search engine optimization services. This is important because of the equivalent results in ranking but also because it is marketing, the way marketing is today. For example, when it comes to blog, companies that have blogs have more leads because they have about 434 percent more indexed pages. One cannot therefore ignore the importance of blogs in terms of profitability of the company. And that is just blog, online marketing also includes other online initiatives such as utilizing social media. As exemplified above social media is now part of consumer trend for the fourteen years old and above population.

Not all search engine optimization therefore is the same. Companies that are willing to invest on the service should know that there are basically two types of search engine optimization, the white label and the black label. The white label uses techniques that are approved by the search engines. One example is online marketing. On the other hand, black label uses techniques that are considered illegal by the search engines. One example is the use of invisible words. Although this may work initially, in the long run this will not be able to make the website have continuous high rank. And when Google discovers the website using black label, the site may even get banned.

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