How Top SEO Reseller Programs Get Clients Noticed


According to service providers and online retailers, about 39 percent of their business will come directly from someone finding them through a search engine. Of those who search for stuff on these major search engines, 79 percent will click on the organic results appearing below the sponsored results, which about 80 percent of users say they avoid. What does this mean for online marketing and the companies that use it? It means a thoroughly thought out Internet marketing campaign that includes search engine optimization is afoot for online sales to improve.

Not only that, but it means too that an SEO program needs to be a thought in the mobile world too, where 64 percent of people owning smartphones actually use these phones to shop. This makes an SEO program that includes mobile applications a must. Additionally, social media is an increasingly vital component of an SEO plan that works effectively. Since 90 percent of adults who use the web also use social media extensively, and since 94 percent of marketers of social media track all fans and followers that their clients have, the need is extreme for an SEO program that encompasses SEO alongside mobile device compatibility and social media tracking.

For marketers and social media experts wanting something better for their clients, SEO reseller programs exist. SEO reseller programs are designed to encompass these facets and more into a tightly wrapped package that can easily be presented and pitched to clients. They often jump on the opportunities afforded through SEO reseller programs, since they have these components and more and since a large majority of resellers and SEO providers have proven results to gauge their success and attract new clients.

Good Seo reseller programs offer these elements, but they too offer easy ways for resellers to group their new reselling efforts into their old ones. Good SEO reseller programs also position resellers to gain the most from them, since the point of reselling to a corporate audience is to keep drawing in more customers, thereby creating a solid reputation for the reseller. The more work the reseller can get for an SEO provider through these SEO reseller programs, the more the provider can do for the greater good of the business community. So in essence, every party wins. The reseller gets a good reputation, the SEO provider gets to stay busy and corporate clients get to gain the additional exposure they have wanted.

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