Google’s Role in Developing a Strong Search Engine Ranking

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Inbound leads, like those found as a result of the search engine ranking posted after a company uses search engine optimization, or SEO, cost about 61 percent less than outbound leads like cold calling. Google rankings in particular draw a crowd, since the company gets anywhere from 65 to 70 percent of the market share of search engines. There are other search engine companies out there, but Google usually takes the cake, both for its innovation and for its continual improvements to how a search engine ranking works and how people in fact search for things.

Inside the company, much is being done to identify how a search engine ranking is developed and improved. Because almost everyone who uses the web today will use a search engine at least once daily, the company is constantly having to reevaluate its processes, its algorithms and its potential for grabbing more market share. Internally as well, it is using complex tools to make a stronger search engine ranking, one that benefits both the businesses being ranked on them and the consumers using them. People work every day on making changes to the requirements for a ranking and the methods in which these rankings are determined.

The knowledge the company has about a search engine ranking could literally fill an entire book. In fact, this knowledge perhaps already has filled a tome or two on this topic. Within that book, then, could be information on the habits of users of search engines, where it is reported that three quarters of them never move past the initial results page. Or that 70 to 80 percent of search engine utilizers will not give a first or second glance to a results page’s sponsored results, which are paid, instead relying exclusively on the organic results.

Google is doing something right, both inside its doors and just outside its corporate headquarters too. The company, for instance, rents goats from a local grazing company to mow its yard, rather than pay landscapers to burn gas for their mowers. This innovation demonstrates the company’s sheer brilliance both with positively impacting the outside environment and with impacting it internally, better linking search engine users with the products and the services they require more information on to make buying decisions. Through its innovation and through the brilliant people the company employs, even better search engine ranking results are likely on the horizon too.

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