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Search engine optimization, which is also known as Seo marketing, is one of the best methods for drawing in new customers. Most people who have ever tried to figure out what customers want will probably know why after considering all that search engine rankings means for his or her company.

Every month, around 1 billion global searches are conducted online. Considering that only around 2 billion people use the internet, that means there are enough searches for everyone in the world to conduct 50 per month, or somewhere around two every weekday. Of course, there are thousands of people who are conducting many more searches.

There are many SEO tactics that companies can employ to greatly increase the search engine optimization and the page rank of a company. For example, the very act of having a blog can greatly increase the effectiveness of a company’s outreach. The reason is because companies with blogs have somewhere around four times as many indexed pages as companies without these features.

Last year, around 70 million people used tablets or laptops to conduct online shopping and this number is likely to continue to edge upward. This accounts for approximately 65 percent of the mobile market for internet users and around 60 percent of B2B companies says that this kind of marketing has a strong effect on their generation of leads.

What does this mean for lead generation in general? It is difficult to determine. Search engine optimization is probably going to continue to have a major impact on the sort of marketing that companies perform, but they need to adapt to the mobile marketing strategies that will take them into the next decade. No one knows where we will go from here, but soon mobile internet use will outweight conventional internet use. When that happens, the world will be an entirely different place.

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  1. Ralph Schneider says:

    The internet is changing all the time. I bet that the mobile market will eventually pass too like so many other fads. Apple will be cursing the day it got into it.

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