The Evolution of SEO

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According a report in the Search Engine Journal, the worth of the search engine industry is somewhere around 16 billion dollars. Website promoters, online marketing experts, online reputation managers, and search engine marketing optimization services make it their goal to know how that industry works, so they can help their clients navigate it and attract clients of their own.

But that navigation must be done carefully and conscientiously. Any attempts to circumvent the system could result in severe damage to a company’s reputation.

Search engines send out little bits of code to examine pages (“crawl”), and then store information about those pages in a database. When a searcher enters in a keyword in the search field, the engine checks the database for a site that is likely to be what the searcher wants. If, however, a site has engaged in what is known as “black hat” practices (i.e. techniques designed to fool the search engine crawlers), the search engine can penalize them by not showing their site when a searcher types in an otherwise related keyword.

Black hat practices were more common in the early days of SEO than they are today. Companies would make outrageous promises, claiming to be able to get a site to the number one spot in a results page in a matter of days. Often times they could, but their clients paid a hefty price in search engine penalties.

These days there are a few different options with regards to SEO. Online reputation managers can ensure that your web presence is positive, productive, and beneficial, monitoring their clients’ sites for any activity that might incur a penalty. And SEO professionals all across the industry are turning to more content-based techniques, where they rely on articles and blog posts to inform, entertain, or engage a reader, in order to convince that reader to share the content with their friends.

This new model of SEO places the emphasis where it belongs—on the human element of search marketing. Which, after all, is what SEO is designed to serve in the first place. Get more on this here:

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