The Basics of SEO Reselling It’s a Win-Win Situation

How to be an seo reseller

Are you well-versed in harnessing the power of SEO in today’s online market? Would you be willing to partner with companies that need help in this area? If so, you are well on your way to finding large SEO reseller income. The SEO business is constantly growing, with small business owners looking to partner with adept SEO resellers who can effectively streamline their inbound marketing practices.

In today’s competitive market, there’s enormous pressure to provide “full package” services to clients, who don’t want to have to coordinate several different companies to produce one final product. Take web design, for example: by the end of a transaction, the client should be in possession of a complete, functional website designed to pull in traffic and market their brand. A website that isn’t optimized to attract traffic simply isn’t finished.

Outbrain recently conducted a study concluding that search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, outpacing social media by over 300%. This means that, while many companies still spend money on outbound marketing (think email blasts, cold calls, paid advertisements, etc.), inbound marketing (think search engine optimization) is by far more effective at attracting customers. Inbound leads also cost the company 61% less than outbound leads, making this type of marketing beneficial to all parties involved. The only catch is finding a reliable way to make sure a given website appears in the first page of search results — 75% of consumers never proceed further than the front page of their searches. So how can a web designer ensure that a client’s web page meets this demanding requirement?

Any web designer could, of course, learn the SEO trade and do all the necessary work on their own. However, it is much more efficient to partner with an SEO reseller, instead. As the reseller, you provide SEO marketing packages that your client then includes in the list of services given to their clients. You have full autonomy to set your conditions and your rates, and then your client works those rates into the final price of their own service however they see fit. It’s important to charge competitive rates, of course, but with the amount of companies who need to outsource their SEO work to enhance their effectiveness (and ultimately their bottom line), finding large SEO reseller income is certainly an attainable goal.

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